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Purchasing  USAW card for Athletes.

If your athlete belongs to a particular club, please contact the club first. There is a club list on the website.

If your athlete does not belong to a club, contact Vickie Tolin. Either by email or by phone 307-258-6315. Please leave a message if there isn't an answer.  Please include name of athlete, DOB, and USAW number if available and your phone number so Vickie can contact you.

Instructions on creating a USAW profile, background check and SafeSports and Bronze coach certification for coaching.

Use PDF below

Clarifications for Requirements of athletes working as mat officials.

After discussing these matters on Sunday evening with the WAWA board, here are some clarifications on the requirements for athletes working as mat officials at Kids State this year.

Any 12 through 17 year old athletes can officiate the Kids State tournament as long and the requirements are met. If there are questions as to the requirements to officiate, contact WAWA Mat Director, Dennis Thorson,

For this year only, WAWA will purchase a USAW wrestling leader mat official card if the athlete has been approved to officiate at Kid State by the WAWA Mat Officials director, Dennis Thorson.

For clubs who have already purchased the wrestling leader card for athletes working Kids State as a mat official this year, the club will be reimbursed this cost by WAWA only if the athlete has been approved and officiates at Kids State.

All clubs sending athlete mat officials who do not now have a current USAW wrestling leader mat officials card should immediately forward a list of names, contact information, and qualifications in order to officiate at Kids State to WAWA Mat Officials Director, Dennis Thorson. 

All mat officials currently holding a wrestling leader card and are officiating at Kids State MUST register under their USAW profile, under USWOA Events to receive printed credentials for Kids State. 

If you need assistance in registering your officials please contact WAWA Registration Director, Vickie Tolin.

Flyers for the website.

I would love to put tournament flyers on our website as well as the WAWA Facebook page for all Clubs and athletes to get informed!  

Please advise all flyers will be posted on website when the club who is hosting has sanctioned the tournament and then emailed flyer to Vickie Tolin or myself in a pdf format.  

You are more than welcome to email me with any questions or concerns!  Thank you!

Facebook Wrestlers Only Group

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Thank You Union Wireless!

Thank You Union Wireless! State WAWA 2021

Casper Showdown Coverage

Use the link below for Tournament Reports

Thank You to our sponsors!

The Wyoming Amateur Wrestling Association is very happy to have such a great support system, and we would like to thank our sponsors.

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Sponsored by Casper Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Casper Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

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The Wyoming Amateur Wrestling Association would like to thank the Casper Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, without their help the 2017-2018 Kids, and Female State Championships would not have been possible.

Sponsored by Union Wireless

Union Wireless

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